Last semester I studied abroad in London. Was it fun? Yeah! It was super fun and it also wasn’t. Like all study abroad trips, there were ups and downs. When I decided to make beans on toast I was feeling sentimental though.

I found the recipe onย Serious Eats. Another awesome food blog that I recommend checking out. So what a real English breakfast entails is pretty much everything here:

File_000 (11).jpeg

(Some people don’t appreciate the beans but I’ve always been a fan.)


Something tells me this recipe has way more ingredients than what is normally required but I tried it. As far as flavor, it was slightly sweet because of the sugar and molasses but the other ingredients took care of the sweetness being overpowering. My version was more the consistency of soup because I forgot I was half-ing the recipe midway through cooking so the proportions were a little off. Still good but a little too heavy to put on toast. It tasted a lot like tomatoes but, again, the proportions were off.

Happy Halloween!