Yay! I’ve got a new toast for you to try for breakfast!

I don’t know if I agree with all the ingredients of this recipe. I don’t like pears and I don’t like honey. I used apples instead because apples are always better than pears. The end result was alright. It wasn’t my favorite. I think the flavors were a little too weird for me.


I think the recipe was intended to be a sweet and savory mix but, as someone who prefers the former, the savory bit was not very exciting to me. The avocados were good and I’m definitely going to grab some more from the grocery to put on more toast. The Gorgonzola cheese was the best part of the recipe and I would highly recommend eating around everything else to get to the cheese. The salt and pepper mixed with the sweetness of the honey was too much for me.

The toast was very filling though! It’s great for breakfast and a cup of coffee while you try to convince yourself it would be a bad idea to skip class and go back to bed.