This did not turn out how I expected. What I tried to do was make this delicious thing my mom makes when she has extra pie dough. My mom makes pies every Thanksgiving. After she’s done, she takes the extras, spreads out the dough over a baking sheet and sprinkles cinnamon and sugar on top. It’s really good and it’s like a flaky cinnamon pastry chip. What I made was not like that because I am lazy.

So, I didn’t want to actually make the pie crust which is kind of an essential part of my cinnamon toast. The reason is because PIE CRUST IS REALLY HARD TO MAKE. Believe me. I tried once in a junior high cooking class and it was damn near impossible. A seasoned baker may say different but my 15-year-old self knew the truth.


I bought pre-made puff pastry. It turns out you need to take the “puff” part very seriously because they ended up 2 inches higher than I expected. Then I sprinkled the cinnamon and sugar on top and put it in the oven for 10-15 minutes.


Yeah, look at those unwanted layers!

The inside was completely airy despite the picture looking more like a bread stick. It crumbled and flaked and was perfect in the ice cream. It’s great for a light dessert after dinner.