This is a great snack to have at any time of the day. I chose to have Brie and apple toast as a late night snack. I kind of thought of this combination myself. Although, the recipe has an inspiration.

So, I had this really great crêpe (I’d love to say this was in France but it wasn’t) in Kansas City. It had Brie, apples, and walnuts folded in it. Then I thought: Why not put this on toast?

How I made it was very simple. When I made it this time, I used a toaster. Normally, I toast the bread in a pan with butter. Then, I put the cheese and apples on top. I try to melt the cheese as much as I can because it’s way better melted. You can use any cheese and any kind of apples. Walnuts are optional. As they were when I made this.


I love this recipe and I make it all the time. It’s really good with tea, too. Just relax and snack.