This week I was thinking about trying to do something with vegetables. If you’re like me and every other person in America, then you probably find yourself thinking sometimes: I don’t think I’ve eaten a vegetable in quite some time. Then you look at your phone and see a video of a turtle eating a piece of lettuce and think: Wow, he is really going to town on that piece of lettuce. I wonder what it feels like to have such unbridled joy over a piece of lettuce. This turtle knows the secret to life that’s for sure.

Anyway, I  decided to try this recipe and I was pretty excited with the results.


To be honest, I kind of changed the recipe around while I was making it. My cooking strategy is one of laziness so very rarely do I follow recipes perfectly. Most of the time if there is a problem, I move past it without taking the time to correct it. (BE ADVISED: This is not a good strategy and is responsible for a lot of failures!) For example, I chopped too many shallots so I just dumped all of them in there (see above picture).


I probably ended up with five tablespoons instead of two. I think it turned out really well. I also burned my first batch of bread but that’s not important.


This recipe was really good and I would highly recommend it. I would probably add more cheese because I couldn’t really taste mine. If you hate the taste of broccoli, don’t worry because you can’t taste it. The garlic, shallots, tarragon, and mayonnaise combined create a savory goodness that’s beautiful to taste.

I would pair this meal with an educational animal documentary. In addition, drink a glass of crisp apple cider because it’s fall!